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20 Stunningly Beautiful Haircuts For Long Straight Hair

by Girls Hair Blog

Long, loose and Lovely

Long straight hairstyles are rich and graceful with loose curls. Blow-dry in low or medium heat to avoid tight ringlets and minimize the heat damage to your locks.

Dark Allure of Long Straight Hair

Black hair always wants a sultry style. Loose and shaggy waves make thick hair look more elegant. Add straight bangs to make the eyes glittering.

Long and Strong

The straightened out hair really speaks for itself – depending on how dry or oily your hair is. For an even more flattering look, lightly cover your strands with a hairspray combo.

Layer up Your Straight Hair

haircuts for long straight hair with plenty of layers create body and movement. Get chin-length layers to frame your face adequately.

Nothing but Neat Long Hair

The ultimate straight long hair look is multi-layered with face-framing strands. An expertly cut style naturally adds body. It’s a sophisticated and timeless haircut.

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