20 Celebrity Short Pixie Haircuts Trending In 2020

Michelle Williams’ Platinum Pixie Cut


She was a pixie Stan since day one—and The celebrity’s platinum-blonde hair appears ridiculously fairly in a tightly Short Pixie Haircuts.

Bella Hadid’s Faux Pixie


When in doubt, pull on a Bella Hadid and attempt a Pixie cut using a super-convincing wig.  I personally quite love into such side-swept bangs.

Joey King’s Mohawk Pixie


Occasionally I overlook Joey King was able to have crazy-long Hair–that is how natural she appears with a pixie cut.  Load up on mousse plus a lightweight gel to reestablish her delicate mohawk.

Jourdan Dunn’s Sandy-Blonde Pixie Cut


Sandy-blonde highlights provide this short pixie haircut a leg Upon the remainder.  Follow her lead by conducting a texturizing paste throughout your endings to get just a tiny elevator.

Emilia Clarke’s Side-Parted style


From Emilia Clarke’s novel and part, your haircut approaches into the side.  Do not forget to complete with a burst of volumizing hairspray through your roots to get a bit of piece-y texture.

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