18 Cute And Sexy Shoulder Length Hairstyles And Haircuts


The Wavy Bob


This hairstyle is what I never knew that I wanted. The Waves seem ideal. The unwanted bangs have been uplifted with a round brush in order to add quantity to her own hair. Simply magnificent!

The Straight Shag Hairdo


This hairdo is exactly what I want to predict the prim and proper Shag haircut for hair.

Wavy Shag Bob


To produce your shoulder length hair look fantastic. The layers create your jawline seem slim and pointed, and the above-mentioned hints make it seem resilient.

Medium Wavy Hair


Never underestimate the ability of a curling iron! Yes, you Can find the cluttered look simply by maintaining your hair in a curler for approximately 5 minutes. The waves are so hot and powerful. The negative parting adds the ideal quantity of definition for your jawline and cheekbones.

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